Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 54: The Nineteen Respondents

Episode 54 was recorded in New York at the One Club’s UnConference. I set up a microphone and begged nineteen seasoned industry bigshots to offer advice for young ad pros and students. 

They agreed to do so. You can hear their answers, and see pictures of their faces, at this link

If you want to follow along, here is the list of voices:

1. Jim Haven, Creature, Seattle

2. David Angelo, David&Goliath, El Segundo, CA

3. Billy Jurewicz, Space 150, Mpls/LA/NYC

4. Jarrod Riddle, Space 150

5. John Boone, Boone Oakley, Charlotte, NC

6. Andy Azula, The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA

7. Matt Peterson, Creature

8. Judy Mam, Freelance, NYC

9. Jo-Ann Munro, Sid Lee, Montreal, QC

10. Ian Grais, Rethink Communications, Vancouver, BC

11. Carly Heims, Freelance, NYC

12. Dave Holloway, Freelance, Seattle

13. Todd Grant, Cole & Weber, Seattle

14. Ian Cohen, Wexley School for Girls, Seattle

15. Matt McCain, WONGDOODY, Seattle

16. Mike Arouz, Undercurrent, NYC

17. David Baldwin, Baldwin &, Durham, NC

18. Cal McAllister, Wexley School for Girls, Seattle

19. Paul Keister, Goodness Mfg., Venice, CA

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